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About Prestige Expo Marbella Real Estate & Project Management

Prestige Expo has grown from solid roots to become a respected company in the design and development of luxury villas and apartments in and around Marbella. Our base is in Marbella and this is the area we offer great expertise in, with our experienced professionals offering a high level of technical know-how and knowledge of local conditions.

We have plots available, will build your dream home on your land and can also source suitable sites for you – always in the best locations across Marbella and indeed along the Costa del Sol. Prestige Expo offers a full consulting service that is flexible and adapted to your needs, be it in construction, design, land sourcing, planning permission, decoration, post-build services or all of the above.

Out of the success of the projects undertaken on behalf of private and investor clients over the past years, the company has evolved into a highly professional organisation that combines a creative and innovative spirit with a project management system that is structured and geared to provide optimal efficiency, service and quality control.

Prestige Expo

Efficient organisation

The different tasks are undertaken by specialised departments:

  • Administrative Department
  • Technical Department
  • Sales Department
  • Finance Department
  • Investment Department

At the heart of it all is a project management team that serves to harmonise and optimise the creativity of the architects and designers with meticulous planning and technical execution. It is this balance between technical standards, efficiency and design that characterises Prestige Expo and gives our projects added value.

It enables us to be highly flexible and build not in series but entirely to the wishes of our clients, with whom we liaise carefully to ensure that every detail aims for perfection.


Vitaliy Rushchynskyy

Yuri Savinov Gorodetsky

Finance Department

David González Pérez


Sales Department

Svetlana Kants


Investment Department

Borja Merayo Pérez


Projects Department

Alejandro Díaz Morales